Thursday, 13 October 2016

Smooth Synonyms

WALT: Follow the structure of the poem for our own SYNONYM poem

Smooth Synonyms

I’m talking continuous!
I’m talking horizontal!
I’m talking uneventful, peaceful,
I’m talking steady, creamy,
Gentle, Stable!
I’m talking mild, easy,
Shiny, Soft, Slick

A very peaceful landscape on a ...

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

For reading we are learning about the importance of MAKING CONNECTIONS!
Making Connections helps us to link what we already know about the topic to the text...
Topic: Paua

😄 Text-to-Self connections… Connections to your own life experiences:
Black, Sea Food, NZ, Slimy, Coast, Strong Shells, Rocks, Paua & Cream, Yummy, Ocean, Delicious, Diving, Chewy, Colourful Shell.
Books, Library, EducationText-to- text connections to other books or movies:
Black Gold Abalone Wars (70 SKY) Kai time Cams Kai Animal Channel life(Living Channel) Love Nature (SKY) My Kitchen Rules Marae Kai Masters
Free stock photo: World, Text-to--world… Connections to what you know about the world or your community.
NZ - Called Paua, Rest of the world - Abalone, coastLines / Eat them in all countries limit quota - protect Paua for the future illegal to dive with bottles. Better, bigger and more in colder, rougher waters.

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Mokomoko -SKINKS -


 WALT: Retell a past event.  
 WILF: Correct sequence of events. 

No school work today, we’re cooking Miss Wihongi” shouted happily. Cool I thought to myself. I love cooking. “Shikaia” Miss Wihongi called. I rushed to the back of the class and I stuck on the blue sticky gloves. I snatched a white blunt potato peeler from the stack. I held my juicy apple in my other hand. I began to peel. Yes all of the skin is peeled off the apple I chopped it into halves then into quarters. I sliced my apples into thin slices. I scrapped my load of apple into the round massive pot. The apples are ready to stew. Off we sprinted to the staffroom. I mixed sugar and butter together, then flour. It looked like crackle bread crumbs. I Evenly sifted it on the stewed apples. slid it to the bursting hot oven. It smelt like melted buttery popcorn. I gazed into the burning oven. The bubbles reminded me of Ngawha Springs. “ It’s Ready whanau Haere mai ki te kai Miss Wihongi yelled. I sprinted to snatch a color bowl And waited for everyone else. I slowly scooped a huge mouthful. Yummy I thought. What a beautiful day.

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Kia Ora my name is:

4 interesting facts about me are:
  1. When i’m hot my nose starts to bleed.
  2. My favourite color is Red.
  3. I can eat a bigmac in 1 minute
  4. I thought my sister how to flip off her bunk.

My favourite food is:

Image result for mcdonalds

My favourite thing to do in the weekend:Image result for rere
My favourite subject is:

Image result for maths

My favourite animal:Image result for riding a shetland
My favourite TV programme:
Image result for regular show the movie


My family